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Introducing A Bold Innovation In Your Humble Deadcast: Other People

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I know Deadcast listeners can’t get enough of Marchman and I talking over one another and throwing out entire recordings due to our lack of technical prowess. But Blog Daddy and I got together and decided we’d try to SPICE UP our podcasting relationship this week by introducing other Deadspin writers to it. That’s right: Where there was once two people on this podcast, there are now THREE. Could this upend the entire podcast economic paradigm? POSSIBLY. Who is this mystery third staffer? Well, I’m not telling you until you plug in and listen to this week’s edition of the Deadcast.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to flirting with our mystery third guest, Marchman and I dive deep into the muck of #Lambyghazi. We also stage an intervention for Marchman’s use of artisanal Swedish chewing tobacco, and we answer YOUR emails about baseball bases, movie hookups, cheese, the Beatles, and more! BEHOLD:

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