Iowa Loses In Miserable Fashion As Freeze-The-Kicker Move Backfires

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That is a gif of pure misery. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz tried to pull the ol' "freeze the kicker" trick in the final seconds of the Hawkeyes' game against Iowa State this afternoon. The Cyclones missed the first kick, but had another attempt because of Ferentz's timeout. On the second try, Ferentz's world slowly crumbled in front of him as Iowa State hit the game winner.

The loss is just the latest in what's been a miserable season for the Big Ten. The conference only has one win against another "Power Five" team, and that win belongs to Rutgers, so it doesn't even really count. The losses haven't only piled up, but have been increasingly embarrassing each week. Iowa may have the caketaker with this one, though.