Iowa State came back to beat North Carolina in an exciting final few minutes that were totally undercut by the final seconds. The last play of the game for the Tar Heels, like the final minutes, was totally out of sync. The Cyclones took the ball with 16 seconds left, advanced up the court and Deandre Kane slashed to the hoop to put Iowa State up 85-83 with 1.6 seconds. The clock stopped, but did not immediately start again when inbounded. The Tar Heels then sped up to half court, where everything hit the fan when they tried to call a timeout.

Officials reviewed the play and eventually ruled that the clock had not started immediately and the timeout was not called or recognized in time. Instead of a final shot at the buzzer, a great game ended with the officials informing both coaches that time had expired and the 85-83 score was final. Fred Hoiberg marches on and Roy Williams goes home.