Your morning roundup for Nov. 19, the day we learned that clipboards are for suckers. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

What we watched: Last night was catch up on TV Programs We Like/Try Out New Shows Once She Goes To Bed Night. Modern Family, Parks and Recreations and The Office are the usual suspects. Hell On Wheels was the new guy.


At this point, watching The Office after Parks and Rec is like going to Vegas in the 70's and seeing Elvis play the night after Zeppelin just tore through town. Parks and Rec is just funnier and more endearing than The Office is now and the current schedule makes that embarrassingly clear.

I also watched Hell On Wheels. For about 10 minutes. Way too slick and overwrought for my tastes. Colm Meaney explaining in archetypal bad guy form, at the very beginning of the show, that he was milking the government by building a zig-zaggy trans-continental railroad—like, seriously s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g it out—was enough for me. Also college football overtime is dumb. On to the other sports!


In Case You Missed It: "Penn State paid Leonard S. Fiore, another family-owned local construction business, $28,373,655 in 2008 and 2009, according to the "Right to Know Reports" the school is required to file. Michael Fiore, a managing partner for Leonard S. Fiore, has been on The Second Mile's state board of directors for the last two years. Some of the Penn State-related projects Fiore's company has worked on: a PSU research center, a PSU-owned community arts center, an addition to the Pattee Library, the Sarni tennis facility, and a little building called the Bryce Jordan Center..." Find everything here.


Iowa State stuns Oklahoma State, makes everyone exclaim "Gotta love college football!": "'They came out ready to play. They came high with the crowd, getting them going. It was a good environment to play in. But this is why we play football, to win in positions like this. We just needed to finish,' [Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin] Blackmon said. Iowa State held a moment of silence before the game to honor [former Oklahoma State women's basketball head coach Kurt] Budke, assistant Miranda Serna and two others who were killed Thursday when their single-engine plane crashed during a recruiting trip in Arkansas. 'The plane crash, for the families and people involved, is just tragic, and honestly, I would have said this no matter the outcome of the game. It's so much more important than this game,' Gundy said. 'These guys wanted to go out and play the best they could for themselves, for us, the fans, and for OSU, and it just didn't come out in their favor tonight.'"


Just days after a day of "I wish you were dead" face: "'It was a day of patience,' Woods said. 'The weather was kind of iffy, the greens are another different speed. They've got some pretty good, little tricky pins. I felt Dustin and I were playing well. We just kept putting on the heat, and eventually one would fall.'" [USA Today]

John Harbaugh says "Ray" and "something" a lot: "'Ray is Ray. You can't count Ray out,' Harbaugh said. 'There could be reports out there and you guys could turn over some rocks and figure out and ask, and think you have something, and you might have something. But you might not. We're talking about Ray. We'll find out on Sunday really.'" [WaPo]


Your cute things ruined by Will Smith Interlude

Please God make this happen: "The Red Sox have made a surprise, 180-degree turn in their managerial search, moving from a list of well-regarded relative neophytes to take a close look at bigger-than-life veteran manager Bobby Valentine, a force of personality who was originally viewed as someone who couldn't possibly fit into an organization reliant on Moneyball principles and run by a strong front office." [SI]


Nevertheless, all that stands in the way of hitting a home run is the fence: "Nevertheless, all that stands in the way of an announcement at this point, sources said, is the writing of a legal document detailing changes between the old Basic Agreement and the deal the two sides have been negotiating for months." [ESPN]

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