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Irate Detroit Sports Blogger Yells While His Dog Sleeps, Licks Its Own Ass

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I’m going to cut straight to the chase: Detroit sports guy Jeff Moss of broke the story today that Detroit Sports 105.1 (WMGC), a sports radio station in Detroit, would no longer be a sports station. The radio’s website now redirects to a WCSX 94.7, an oldies station. Moss broke the story, as he makes very clear in an article on this subject—we’d like to offer a direct link, but the structure of makes it difficult—which opens with the following paragraph:

This Friday it will have been three years to the date that I broke the news that Greater Media was flipping WMGC105.1 from an Adult Contemporary station to an ESPN affiliated all-sports format and today this website was the first to report that experiment was over.


The long, rambling post is overstuffed with details about the station’s failures and ultimate inability to establish itself as Detroit’s second FM sports station, which Moss is convinced the city is ready for. It concludes with the Mourner’s Kaddish, a Hebrew prayer for the dead. Here’s an excerpt from that kicker:

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Anyway, Tony Paul (a Detroit sports guy, apparently) covered the radio switchover in an article for the Detroit News, but did not offer attribution to Moss for breaking the story. And that’s when everything went off the rails. Moss was so mad at Paul that he took to Periscope for a 12-minute tirade about Paul, the nerve 105.1 showed in playing “It’s A Wonderful Life” after pulling the plug, and a whole shitload more.

This Periscope video is the zenith of the streaming-video form. It’s not so because of Moss’s takes—which are strong—but rather because the video is a semi-still life in which Moss’s dog Marlo comes into the room, climbs on chairs, naps, and licks his ass while his master yells. Strap in for the good shit:

Portrait Marlo:


Forward-facing Marlo:


Marlo doing some ass maintenance:


Here’s Marlo getting up on the furniture.


At 7:55, Moss asks Marlo, “Marlo, are you dead or are you just ignoring me?” Marlo is asleep (yes, that’s a beagle):


In conclusion, Jeff Moss broke the story about 105.1 ceasing their sports operation, and Marlo is a good dog.

[Detroit Sports Rag]

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