As much as I dislike the idea of umpires with their heads stuck under black hoods to make games even longer, the momentum of force and time may finally be giving baseball instant replay whether we like it or not. Thank you, umpires, for being so consistently, stupidly wrong on outfield home runs calls this season. I blame you for this.

Of course, MLB owners voted in favor of an instant replay initiative this past November, but Bud Selig lost the manila folder with all the votes and everyone's phone numbers. He thought it would all be forgotten, but owing in no small part to the recent rash of umpire goofs β€” they took a homer away from Alex Rodriguez, after all β€” it looks like the camera is on its way in for real this time. What would Max Mercy say?

Baseball is developing tentative plans to experiment with replay during the Fall League and likely would continue testing, if it’s successful, during the 2009 World Baseball Classic, reported Thursday.

OK, but let's make sure that instant replay will not be abused. It should ONLY be used for:

β€’ Disputed home run calls.

β€’ Is ball fair or foul?

β€’ Is squirrel fair of foul?

β€’ Determining whether Rick Sutcliffe is sober.

β€’ Showing cartoons during rain delays.

β€’ Deciphering Joe Morgan comments.

β€’ Locating hot babes in stands.

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