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Is Brian Baldinger's Mangled Digit Growing A Face?

Brian Baldinger's permanently dislocated little finger has been well documented by many, many people since he first started appearing on national television as an NFL analyst.

But yesterday a reader sent us in these screen shots of Baldinger in the booth and, yes, I do agree that the creepy little bastard seemed a little more distracting than usual. Is it growing? Or has a doctor found that it's actually not dislocated, but a parasitic twin? I sent Mr. Baldinger an email, inquiring about the health of the pinky but he has not responded. Those are always fun emails to write.



Tomorrow: We continue our holiday hours and on with out "Best Of/Year in..." lists. If you have any suggestions for ones that you'd like to see, please email me. You know, "Year in...ESPN Hitler references", "Year In...Nightmare Fuel", "Year In...Failed Deadspin Feature Ideas." That sort of thing. Go meta, if you'd like.


Tonight: Travel, shop, and drink until an elf sits on your face. Or watch Bears/Packers.

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