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Is Donovan McNabb Dicking The Eagles Around?

If you can think of a better explanation for stating he'd like to be traded to a team that has no intentions of trading for him, I'd like to hear it.

"Sources close to the situation," i.e. either McNabb himself, or Fletcher Smith, his agent, told the Philly papers that the Vikings top his wish list if he's going to be traded. It seems like an absolutely ideal situation for both teams. The Vikings have all the pieces to make a Superbowl run. They have the 30th overall pick, which is fair value for McNabb.


But they've also got a big Brett Favre-shaped hole in their roster, and an irrationally loyal owner.

Zygi Wilf loves Favre. It's understandable, considering what he did with that team last season. But it's also stubborn to turn down a move like this, considering Favre may not even make a decision about coming back until August. And the Vikes are okay with that.


They shouldn't be. McNabb is seven years younger than Favre. McNabb is 9-7 in the playoffs, while Favre is 13-11 (4-6 this decade). Favre had a good season? McNabb has never had the kind of receiving corps or tight end he'd have in Minnesota.

But the Vikings being stubborn/stupid isn't the point, because it's a given. The interesting part is in McNabb going to the press, saying he'd like a deal that has no chance of getting done.


It makes him look good. The league knows he won't be traded without agreeing to a contract extension, and this is him publicly stating he won't hold up any deals with what is essentially a no-trade clause. There are fans in Philadelphia eager to see him go, and they can never say he selfishly blocked any deals.

It makes the Eagles look bad. McNabb wants out! Way to squander all that leverage you might have had in the past few offseasons. Either they keep him and lose him for nothing next year, or they trade him to another team that can't offer nearly as much. Did someone say "Nnamdi Asomugha's ridiculous contract?"


Of course, McNabb's agent says he'd prefer to remain in Philly. Apparently you can have your cake and eat it too, because, stay or go, McNabb comes off as the flexible, professional businessman, willing to do whatever his team thinks is best. And the Eagles? Well, they piss off half their fanbase either way.

And the Vikings continue to wait.

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