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Is Former Giants Second Baseman Jeff Kent Going To Be On Survivor?

If you've been walking around all day thinking that nobody in America cares about Survivor (now in its 24th season!) anymore, and that there couldn't possibly exist a frighteningly thorough fan site dedicated to the show, you'd be dead wrong.

And if you've also been walking around all day thinking that Jeff Kent, former all-star second baseman for the San Francisco Giants, who looks like your uncle Todd from Tampa Bay and who is mainly known for being an even bigger dick than Barry Bonds, would never appear as a contestant on Survivor, well, you'd be dead wrong about that too.


According to (which I stumbled on thanks to SBNation's Grant Brisbee), Jeff Kent is slated to be a contestant on the upcoming 25th season of Survivor (spoiler alert!), tentatively titled, Survivor: A Buncha Dudes Sweatin' In A Jungle.

How reliable is's information? I have no idea, and I'm not about to spend any amount of time trying to figure such a thing out because I could not care less about Survivor.

Still, I hope that Kent does indeed go on the show, if only because I'd like to see one of modern baseball's greatest shitbags get giardia or something like that.

[ via SBNation]

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