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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Is There An NFL Draft In Here?

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Like most folks, I have no idea what to make of my favorite team's draft performance, but I do know that you can't pick your seat at the draft party if you're not wearing underwear.


Yes, Knowshon Moreno's friend arrived slightly unprepared his celebratory Draft Day gathering—or was she perfectly positioned for another high pick of her own? I definitely see a lot of upside. As for Knowshon's backfield buddy—no one believes that Matthew Stafford was a lock solid No. 1 pick. What's worse is that no one really feels like the Lions could have done any better. When every move you make is met by your fan base with a collective sigh of "whatever," things may have reached lost cause status. But I got my new super-fierce Calvin Johnson jersey (thanks Reebok!) so I guess I'm set. I promise to wear it to the next Lions Super Bowl appearance.

I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts about the NFL Draft 2009?

Grade: A+ for great t.v. exposure but how does she forget to wear underwear on Knowshon's big day. [Statue Left]

I refuse to believe that Sanchez is anything more than NFL Draft hype, and not the honest evaluation of a football player.This guy reeks of an ARod type celebrity around these parts. Get ready for the tabloids, the headlines, the "Yo trabajo a Nuevo York" bilingual commercials, and the overall attention to a player that has little to nothing to do with what happens on the football field....Oh, and my wife just told me she just got an email that offered her a deal on Mark Sanchez Jets Jerseys from Excuse me while I go throw up. [New York Sports Jerk]

Despite this high praise, there is no way that [Michael] Mitchell was this highly coveted. This just further backs the point that Al Davis is out of his mind and that there needs to be a change in that front office. Update. Now I know why he was taken so high, there's a youtube video of him in action set to a sweet hip-hop beat. It all makes sense now. [Two Big Boobs]

Leave it to the Browns to draft someone who can be mocked with a Nickelodeon picture." [Midwest Sports Fans]

Re: Mel Kiper's wife: "One more item in her job description: she cuts the most famous hair in football this side of Troy Polamalu. I do, she said, sighing, because she would prefer to give up that task. Mel: She tried to change it, and I said absolutely not." [No Guts No Glory]

So here we are again with another new coach telling us that it will take time to build and that we have to be patient. We're now working on our fourth "three year plan" in the last ten years, if anyone was keeping count. I don't know if it is because it is spring and anything is possible, or because LeBron has changed us, or just because of all of this cough syrup(translated Tequila) we've been drinking, but we remain optimistic. [Metcalf Up The Middle]

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I met the task master himself. I asked Goodell what he thought about the Stafford contract, to which he responded, "Lot of money, good kid." I detected a bit of seethe in those few words. [Steady Burn]

In and around Atlanta, many of the UGA fans I have spoken to are quick to say how Stafford's erratic play has frustrated them over the years. They remember how many quarters he spent overthrowing open targets and how he buckled under pressure in many of the big games. How will that translate to the Detroit Lions and their fans? [Sports Climax]

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