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Is This Brazil's Manager Calling An Argentina Coach A Cokehead?

Because that's exactly what it looks like. What else could new Brazil manager Dunga's accusatory staring, finger pointing, and aggressive nostril rubbing aimed at a member of Argentina's coaching staff realistically mean? Here's a gif:


We aren't buying Dunga's explanation, that's for sure. When asked about the controversial gestures, performed during this past weekend's Superclásico de las Américas, here's how the manager responded, per a bad Google translation:

Dunga said only that the gesture was referring to pollution.

"How did pollution, the nose was always locked. Who is speaking or who used drugs is not you. We are working in the national team, and I believe the fans want a competitive team and with blood in the vein. If you want a more quiet and thoughtful team depends on choices," Dunga said to reporter Tino Marcos, Globo TV.


The match was played in China, and the terrible air quality was a storyline during the training sessions. But it doesn't make any sense for Dunga to be referencing that in the middle of the game and targeting a coach.

So our answer is yes. Dunga was accusing the coach of being on cocaine. Keep that blood in the vein of this rivalry, good sir.


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