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Is This The End Of Jason Giambi?

The Oakland A's put Jason Giambi on the DL last month, due to major sucking issues, but today they decided, "You know, Jason ... why don't you just go away? Forever."

The A's took their former MVP back this spring with semi-open arms, even after Giambi bolted for New York, confessed to juicing, grew a hellacious mustache, then came crawling back seven years later looking for work. But now he's batting .193 with only 24 extra-base hits in 83 games, so they gave him his outright release today. Door, split ya, etc.


It might appear that if even the A's are fed up, Giambi won't be back in a major league uniform anytime soon, if ever. But we've been here before. In 2004, after the BALCO scandal broke—and he was also diagnosed with a tumor—he turned in the worst season of his career. (Remarkably similar to this one, actually.) Many thought then, that minus the 'roids his career was over. The next season, he bashed 32 home runs. In 2007 and the beginning of 2008, he struggled mightily and it looked like his body was failing him again. But he finished last season with 145 games played (his most since '03) and was second on the Yankees in slugging percentage.

Now he stinks again. So will he again find some miracle tonic to rejuvenate his 38-year-old body, or will he slink into the twilight of baseball card shows and Viagra commercials? Only his unlicensed Dominican "barber" knows for sure.


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