Is This The Half-Naked Blue Jays Fan Who Attacked A Urinal? [UPDATE]

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During a Sept. 18 Red Sox-Blue Jays game, a half-naked Toronto fan reportedly pulled a urinal off the bathroom wall on the 500 level of Rogers Centre, flooding an elevator shaft and causing a general nuisance. A few days later, a photo of a half-naked Blue Jays fan yanking at a urinal started making the rounds. Even though the events aren’t necessarily directly related—the image could very well be a guy recreating the reported urinal demolition—we feel comfortable informing the public anyway.

The photo appeared on Reddit today with a short explanation about how the urinal fell off right after the picture was taken:

So we all know about the flood that happened a few days ago at the Rogers Center.


Well a British friend of mine was in town for a wedding and decided to check out a baseball game. He goes to the bathroom to take a leak and sees this ....

Seconds after this picture is taken the top of the urinal is ripped off the wall. You’ve got to love the smile he’s got plastered to his face though. Needless to say it was a great intro to Canadian sporting events for my friend.


Here it is in all its glory:


There’s a problem with the Reddit user’s story, however: A cursory search on Twitter shows that this photo didn’t just pop up today. On Sept. 21, a Twitter user named Jared Wayland tweeted three photos at Globe and Mail columnist Cathal Kelly, including the image of the man tugging at the urinal.


That wasn’t the first time the image appeared on Jared’s timeline, either. On Sept. 18, Wayland tweeted a screencap of his mom texting him the photo of the man yanking at the urinal. Is it her photo, though? Why would a woman be in the men’s room?


This rabbithole goes deep. All we know for sure is that someone actually yanked out a urinal at Rogers Centre, and there’s an unverified photo—which doesn’t appear on a reverse Google image search—of a half-naked man pulling on a urinal. If you have any more information, however, let us know at

Update (4:02 p.m.): Wayland emailed us to clarify how his mom got the photo. His message:

My mom and dad were at the Jays game. They also happened to run into the British group, who did indeed take the photo. She asked them for it and then texted to me. There was a communication mix up at first, and I thought it was my dad who took it on her phone. Credit to the British bloke who took it!

The following photos came from my mom showing the aftermath.

Hope that clears it uP!

Two other readers who claimed they were at the game also emailed us to say that the man who pulled out the urinal is the man in the photo.


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