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Is This The Pittsburgh Pirates' Next Great Arm?

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So Muntadhar al-Zaidi is the toast of the Middle East (non-Iraqi government division) for hurling his loafers at a certain outgoing U.S. President on Sunday. All hail the shoe martyr! Ahyyyyyy! But he's popular here in the U.S. as well.


Al-Zaidi's precision and velocity were so impressive — and actual physical results so benign — that his brazen act has inspired a new wave of American shoe comedy. On the forefront is the always hilarious Don King, who is praising Bush's reflexes after noting that the 43rd President successfully ducked both shoes. Supposedly King made the comment to TMZ, comparing Bush to a boxer. OK.

Then Bugs & Cranks gets in on the fun, parodying the Pittsburgh Pirates' recent signing of Indian pitchers Rinku and Dinesh.


Late Monday night, the Pirates came to terms with Iraqi pitcher Muntadhar al-Zaidi. The 28-year-old al-Zaidi will participate in the team’s Minor League Spring Training next year. According to Baseball-Almanac Dot Com, there has never been an Iraqi-born player in the Majors. Earlier this offseason, the Pirates signed a South African shortstop and two Indian pitchers.

“Signing those two kids from India was the best publicity the Pirates have had in over 15 years,” said Huntington. “Our pitching basically been crap with guys from countries that don’t start with I, so we want to keep going in this new diretion. We’re also on the lookout for prospects in Iran, Indonesia, Ireland and Italy.”

Of course the Cubs then throw their hat in the ring, via The Heckler. Key quote: "Somebody's got to take Bob Howry's spot."

Then there's this (please report your high score).

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