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Your hated geographic rivals are suffering one of the worst humiliations in their 130-year history. What's a devoted fan who takes pleasure from the misery of others to do? Fly a goddamn airplane banner over their stadium.


Preston North End is already guaranteed relegation from the second-tier Championship, sending them further down the Football Pyramid. Longtime rival Blackpool is completing their debut in the Premier League. As if that wasn't obviously painful enough, Blackpool fans needed to rub it in.

During Preston's Saturday match, in which Blackpool wasn't even involved, this happened:

The plane flew over the stadium, displaying two separate banners, purportedly organised by Blackpool FC fans, reading: "Poor little Preston enjoy League One" and "We are superior love Blackpool FC."

After the match, PNE manager Phil Brown called the stunt "distasteful" and even said he wanted to "shoot down" the plane.


Preston is butthurt. After complaints, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority is going to investigate the low-altitude flyovers. But the truest revenge may come in the tables: Blackpool's not clear of their own relegation just yet.

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