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Is Tom Brady A Fancy Dog?

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year issue, and the cover story is accompanied by a slideshow of artfully produced photos of Brady. These pictures have left us asking one question, though: Is Tom Brady a fancy dog? Let’s go to the evidence:


Here we see Brady lounging on the couch the way a fancy dog might, but he is still undeniably human. Having the posture of a fancy dog does not make one a fancy dog, as you are surely aware.

On to another photo:

This is the running form of a fancy dog—perhaps one that has just been told to “Go get the ball, boy! Go get it! Good boy!”—but Brady running on two legs is a dead giveaway; he’s a man in this photo.

But wait. Click the arrow on the photo above and drag it to the left, and what do you see? Damn... Tom Brady is a fancy dog.

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Tom Brady as fancy dog photos via GQ/Inez + Vinoodh