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Isaiah Thomas's Excellent Sports Child Makes It Impossible To Root Against His Shrimpy Dad

Isaiah Thomas returned to the court Wednesday night for the first time in nearly 11 months, as a reserve for the Denver Nuggets. He was pretty good, going for eight points in 13 minutes of burn, and finishing plus-2 in a game the Nuggets won on another hideous Nikola Jokic game-winner.

Afterward Thomas was interviewed by the NBA TV studio crew, sitting next to his adorable 7-year-old son Jaiden, who was obviously very excited and nervous to be wearing the headset. I have watched this video probably six times, and I still have no idea what Isaiah is saying, because his son is so damn cute.


Jaiden was given a chance to answer a couple of questions. He did his best, with a little encouragement from dad:

It will now be impossible to root against Isaiah Thomas. Go Nuggets, I guess.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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