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Isiah Thomas Gets Right To Work Crushing Young Men's Dreams

High school forward Chris Rozier was set to sign up with Florida International's basketball program until a change came in the coaching staff. That new coach's first order of business? Withdrawing Rozier scholarship offer.

I'm sure Isiah Thomas had his reasons for going back on a promise made by the previous administration. Could it be because there are now so many blue chippers flocking to Miami begging for a spot in his dream factory? Plus, I'm sure Chris hadn't made any plans for the fall or anything. The good news is that Rozier was fortunate enough to find another available scholarship, at his hometown school of Jacksonville University, which also means he will never have to use basketball as his one ticket out of the swampy dead-end town that he grew up in. What a relief!

Wolfson basketball coach Bruce Rosebrock was bothered by the way FIU handled Rozier's recruitment at the end.

"I think it could have been handled more professional, especially when you consider the people involved are supposed to be professionals," Rosebrock said. "I've gotten calls from several college coaches apologizing for the way that Chris was treated by FIU. They were apologizing for their profession."

A spokesman at FIU said Thomas was assembling his staff and was unavailable for comment.


So Rozier won't get to play for Isiah Thomas. Tough break ... or the luckiest break of all time?

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