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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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You may be aware that Israel is getting it's own professional baseball league. It's the first in the history of Israel, and it will have some different fan-friendly rules, for example: 7-inning games, a DH you can only use twice a game, and ties decided with home run derbies.


They'll also have, as far, as I can tell, the most sexually adventurous group of uncircumcised baseball players on the planet. One pitcher, a guy named Leon (who I'm proud to say is in my extended network) lists this on his myspace page:

Who I'd like to meet:

Now that I've got a girlfriend, we're BOTH looking for a bisexual nymphomaniac Ivy League fashion model with a wild side, a six-pack, an ass that fits in the palm of my hand, and a great sense of humor. If you're close - or if you're just a normal but fun, interesting person, say hi. ;)


If he doesn't have big hands, Leon's going to hurt someone.

I don't know what team this guy is going to play for (other than the Lord's, of course), but I might have to get a jersey.

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