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Israeli Cricket Umpire Dies After Deflected Ball Strikes His Chest

An Israeli cricket umpire has died after a ball came off a batsman's bat, hit the wicket, and then struck him in the chest and neck region, according to Haaretz. The amateur league umpire—Israel has no professional cricket league—was in the proper position behind the wicket, but unlike in baseball, cricket umpires typically do not wear a mask or chest pad. After collapsing, the 58-year-old umpire (AFP says the umpire is actually Hillel Oscar, the 55-year-old former head of the Israel national team) was resuscitated by players and medics, but later died in the hospital.

Just two days ago Australian cricketer Phil Hughes succumbed to injuries suffered when he was struck in the head by a bouncer, a dangerous and heavily regulated delivery. The debate about cricket's safety—or lack thereof—that has already begun will only get more urgent after this latest tragedy.



Photo of an Israeli-USA match from 1997 via AP

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