What they're saying out there about Boston's come-from-behind 8-7 win over Tampa Bay in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series on Thursday ... • I Left Early. JUST KIDDING! WOOHOOOO! I will post a really cool video I shot at Fenway Park here tonight before I go to bed. [UPDATE: Here it is:]. On the way home I heard a replay of Castiglione's call — incredible. You gotta hear it. Everyone who left early tonight—you'll never learn at this point! Please don't come back! Your "let's go Bruins" chants aren't funny, original, or appreciated by any real Red Sox fans. [Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory]

• Comeback Kings Crown Rays. The Biggest Loser: Coach Joe Maddon numerous retarded moves. It wasn’t his decision to start Scott Kazmir that wound up being his worst move of the night, but his choice to pitch around Jason Bay to get to Drew that will be second-guessed from here to eternity. [Bugs And Cranks] • Comeback. Am I cocky heading in to a Game 6 at the Trop with a diminished Josh Beckett taking the hill after being shelled his last two times out? No, no I am not. But one of the biggest single-game comebacks in postseason history can't help but put a little spring back in your step. And I can't help but remember that famous line of Kevin Millar's: "Don't let us win tonight." [Cursed To First] • FUCK. Son of a bitch. [DRays Bay] • A Tale Of Two Games. I loved the post 7 inning shots of all the brand new Rays fans with their hands on their head wondering what was happening to their lead. That is the first time in 10 years anyone has every worn a Rays jersey in Fenway park, please don't try and convince me otherwise. [Inside The Monster] • A Swing. A Study. Can we get an orderly queue to form, consisting of those who owe Mr Drew an apology? I want to see about half of Red Sox Nation in there. You too, Red Sox print media. Get in line. [Boston Irish]

• ALCS Game 5; Scenes from St. Petersburg. Shea Smith of Palm Harbor shows disappointment after the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Boston Red Sox while watching the game at the Ferg's Sports Bar and Grill on Friday after midningt. [The Heater] • Phillies Must Wait For Opponent As Red Sox Pull Off Thrilling Win. For the Phillies, it means they can continue to sit back and relax as it appears the Rays and Red Sox have a lot more to settle. Let them beat up on each other and let the Phillies take care of the worn-out winner. [Yard Barker]