On the whole, Philadelphia fans were awfully supportive of Donovan McNabb yesterday, and sheesh, why wouldn't they be? He threw four touchdowns and torched an undefeated team. (Well, Detroit, but still.) But this is Philadelphia: There are always a few grumpy holdouts.

Actually, a bit more than a few.

Donovan McNabb was booed by much of the home crowd as he came out of the tunnel yesterday. He was booed sporadically throughout the game. Kevin Kolb received an ovation when he entered the game.

The 700 Level is not a fan.

Those who decided to boo Five yesterday are a bunch of morons. People all over the country rip on us for being loud, drunk, ignorant morons. I spend a lot of time trying to defend us and prove that these haters are wrong. Those who decided to boo yesterday, you are a bunch of loud, drunk, ignorant morons. Stop giving the rest of us a bad name.


Wait, there's something wrong with being a loud, drunk, ignorant moron? Tell us that now.

Open Letter To Ignorant Philly Fans [The 700 Level]