Just a week ago, it was not Tebow time in Denver. It was Orton time. Yesterday, though, the big hand turned during "The Most Exciting Broncos Loss of the 2011 Season." Here is a collection of time-keeping from the Denver timekeepers.

Tebow time arrives in second half for Denver Broncos

It's officially Tebow time.

It's Tebow Time.

Tebow Time might have only been a temporary switch.

For better or worse, the Broncos are on Tebow Time.

It's Tim Tebow Time in Denver

It's Tebow Time in Denver

It's Tim Tebow time for Denver Broncos

It has to remain Tebow Time in Denver

Tebow Time has arrived just in time for the Great Gator Reunion at Sun Life Stadium.

Is Denver going to Tebow Standard Time?

Denver clocks now set on Tebow Time

At 4:07 p.m. Sunday, the people got what they wanted: Tim Tebow.

Welcome to the Tim Tebow era?

The Tim Tebow era may have started.

...this new era might, just might, be vastly different than the old era that tormented and saddened our state.

Can the second half success continue after the bye week? Time will tell.