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It Is Time To Crown The Ultimate Super Bowl Dip. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Holy chip-'n'-dip, Batman! What a contest this has been! Guacamole toppled the noble Queso! Classic Salsa slayed the mighty Buffalo Chicken Dip! (We blame the person who posted a recipe for it that called for canned chicken. Canned chicken, you guys.)

The voting, my God! It was bananas! (Avocados?) After trailing overnight, with 45 minutes left to go Guacamole pulled ahead of Queso by a margin of three votes. THREE VOTES, YOU GUYS. By 11:30, that gap had grown to 30 votes. A GUAC SURGE ENSUED! At 11:45, with only 15 minutes before polls closed, guac led by 46 votes. When polls closed Guacamole had defeated Queso by 87 votes. IT WAS MADNESS. MADNESS! CAN THE GLORIOUS GREEN FLESHY FRUIT GO ALL. THE. WAYYYYYYYYYYYY???


We shall soon find out! [drumroll goes here] IT IS NOW TIME TO CROWN THE ULTIMATE SUPER BOWL DIP!

The final battle pits cold dip against cold dip. Can the cool bite of Classic Salsa defeat the creamy goodness of Guacamole? WE SHALL SEE. But only if you vote—polls close tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday, February 2) at Noon EST.

(As before, if you can't view the poll below, click the link to go directly to the Polldaddy page.)


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