Alex Rodriguez is 39 years old and likely done being a baseball player forever. So he's gone and done what every American who is preparing to transition into a new line of work does: he signed up for a LinkedIn profile.

You can see Rodriguez's profile here. It doesn't look like much and could easily be dismissed as a fake, but the Wall Street Journal has an inside scoop on the page's veracity:

One person who has been in direct email contact with Rodriguez in the past received an email from the professional networking site last weekend with the subject line: "Alex Rodriguez just joined! Want to connect?" The e-mail went on to invite the person to "help welcome Alex and get connected."

It listed Rodriguez's title as "Founder, CEO and President of ARod Corp," based in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, where Rodriguez grew up.

A LinkedIn spokeswoman said the company has not been in touch with Rodriguez's camp to confirm it is an official page but said, "All signals indicate it is a real profile." Rodriguez's spokesman didn't respond to multiple requests for comment.

Godspeed, A-Rod. Oh and a little bit of advice: if people are slow to connect with you, just keep sending them requests. It's not annoying at all.