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It Looks Like Cardale "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL!" Jones Has Changed His Ways

Thanks to the Daily Dot, we've stumbled upon what appears to be Cardale Jones's new Twitter account. You may recall that Jones, the third-string quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, deleted his original account after sending out this hilarious tweet. Jones's new account, however, is full of uplifting, pro-school messages:


It's the new and improved Cardale Jones, lover of math! Now, any number of things could be going on here. Cardale may very well have reformed his ways and learned to embrace the value of his college degree, or he might just be trolling everyone. Even worse, this could be a parody account, which would just make us very sad for whoever is behind it. Our hope is that Cardale is trolling, because his original sentiment was spot on. He's not there to play school.

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