The above is Round 8 of Bear Vs. Colt. I've been waiting all day for a last update, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Maybe they're waiting until after the game, I don't know. But if we're heading into XLI with things as they stand, our lasting image of Bear Vs. Colt will be Bear with an emergency case of the runs, allowing Colt to claim victory.

The final tally was Colt 4, Bear 3, Girl 1. If this is any sort of indication as to how they game itself will unfold, expect the Colts to win a close one by playing dirty and cheating. Also, expect both Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning to be distracted at some point during the game by an attractive woman (or country music superstar) on a treadmill, costing them both points.

Bear Vs. Colt

(Also, sorry for the technical difficulties earlier... I have absolutely no explanation for it. Perhaps the hamsters are upset about having to work on Super Bowl Sunday. It looks to be at least partially worked out. At least this didn't happen on a particularly inconvenient day. Super Bowl Pregame liveblog begins soon...)