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In their ongoing quest to burn the retinas of anyone who watches them, the Oregon Ducks have unveiled the newest part of their continually changing look: helmets that change color depending on the angle from which they are seen. I'm glad no one's told them about Hypercolor t-shirts.

The Ducks aren't sure yet if they'll wear them for their bowl game. They'd like to, but they've only received helmets for about half the team. I guess Nike's running low on color-changing crazy motherfucker paint.

The plan appears to be the wear the new helmets along with their bright yellow jerseys and bright yellow pants when they take on BYU. I thought you should know now, so you'd have time to run to your optometrist before the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl on December 21st.

Within two years, I predict Oregon will be taking the field in uniforms that make them invisible.

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