It Seems Like Draymond Green Truly Dislikes Tristan Thompson

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It is not uncommon to see two NBA players who just spent a game or even an entire series scrapping and talking wild shit to each other suddenly shaking hands and hugging once the buzzer goes off. It’s a particular quirk of the NBA, a league in which guys can say truly vile things during the game and then be cordial when the action is over. In the case of Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson, however, the animosity appears to be quite real.

You’ll recall Green and Thompson going at it throughout the NBA Finals, highlighted by Thompson shoving the ball into Green’s face at the end of Game 1. Green was apparently not over that moment by the end of the series, as a camera caught him refusing to shake Thompson’s hand and muttering, “I don’t fuck with you,” after Game 4:


And then, during yesterday’s championship parade, a day that has historically been Green’s favorite to talk shit on, he took some additional shots at Thompson:


I’d say it will be fun to see what happens when these two go at it again next year, but it really won’t.