"It Takes All Kinds" With Jonah Falcon

We'd like to introduce you to Jonah Falcon. He's new to us, but apparently, if you can trust his Wikipedia entry, he:

• Is a frequent poster on the YES Network message boards about his beloved Yankees.

• Hosts "Talkin' Yankees Hosted By Jonah Falcon," on Time-Warner Cable Channel 34 on Mondays at 11PM. By "Time-Warner Cable Channel 34," we mean "public access." Obviously.

• Has had bit parts on "Law & Order" and "The Sopranos."

• Claims to have a penis that is 9.5" long when flaccid, and 13.5" long when erect.

• "Yes, I'm an actor."


So, yeah, Jonah Falcon, ladies and gentlemen. By being introduced to this guy, we were just given more information that we are able to process right now.

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