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Italian Soccer Fan Has Hell Of A Time Calming Down His Rowdy Paisani

As the Napoli team bus set off for Turin ahead of tomorrow’s monster Juventus-Napoli showdown, something like 1,000 Neapolitans showed up to see their boys off. Or, more accurately, to block the bus’s path in order to hoot and holler and light flares and gin up the players so that they step out on the pitch as charged up as the fans. A few poor Italians had the Herculean task of getting everyone calm and out of the way, and none was more exasperated than the bearded guy who shows up halfway through the video above.

My Italian is a little rusty, but here’s my best effort to translate what Mario was communicating, both with his words and body language:

Aaayyyyyy! What’sa mattah wichoo! Pipe down, ya animals! I’m walkin’ heah! They’re tryin’ to get to the game, fahcrissakes! Ah, fahgettaboudit! Mamma mia, these guys.


Just look at this little hand-wag:

It is the image of frustration.

h/t The Siren’s Song


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