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It's 40 Percent More Joe Buck, Every Sunday

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Joe Buck haters, it is a dark day for you. Remember how much difficulty you had withstanding Joe for three hours a Sunday during the NFL season? Well, that's about to be increased by two hours. Every Sunday.


The big "mystery" of who the FOX NFL Sunday studio host will be has been "revealed:" It's none other than Joe himself, who will join the WACKY studio crew via remote from wherever he's broadcasting this week. We are pleased to see that Sunday football coverage is following the business world's trend and embracing telecommuting.

We don't have the pure hatred for Buck that many — or most — people out there have, though we're the first to admit it's because we have a clear and obvious family bias. (We're also not Randy Moss or a Red Sox fan.) We do hope, however, that Buck continues his relaxation remedy when he's on the road. Ah, what the fingers of a Professional Hitter can do.


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(UPDATE: By the way, The Mighty MJD reminds us why so many hate Joe Buck with video of the famous "that is a DISGUSTING act by Randy Moss" moment. We could live a million years and never understand why Buck got so fired up about this.)

(SECOND UPDATE: As several commenters have pointed out, many of the Fox NFL Sunday pregame shows will be on the road, so Buck will just hop down the studio, and hop back up to the booth. We bet he hops too.)


(THIRD UPDATE: It has been pointed out that it's not 40 percent more Buck but, in fact, 66 percent increase. Math math math: We were told there would be none.)

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