It's A Golfer Fight!

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Via Sports By Brooks, we discover that is featuring a regular column by an anonymous current Tour pro. Because he's anonymous, he's not mincing many words.

Sergio Garcia, not surprisingly, gets it the worst.

Sergio Garcia needs a fresh diaper. Did you hear him crying about how he got lousy breaks and had to beat more than simply the other guys in the field? I guess God, Mother Nature and the Ghosts of Christmas Past were triple-teaming him or something. Sergio, there's only one reason you didn't win at Carnoustie — you shot 73 on an easy scoring day when everyone who could play dead threw up a 67 or a 68. The belly putter is going to give Sergio's game a makeover and make him a realistic threat to finally win a major. Maybe even this one. Before he can do that, though, he needs an attitude adjustment. Or he needs to grow up.


You know, in the old days — whenever the hell they were — an athlete wouldn't have to be anonymous to speak his mind. We do like the image of Sergio Garcia in a diaper, though. All right, no, actually, we don't.

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