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It's A Nice Week To Be Zach Randolph's Lawyer

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Zach Randolph's being sued... again. This time by Portland resident Robert Bacote, who accuses Randolph and Qyntel Woods of assaulting and harassing him because they believed he was the guy who alerted authorities to Qyntel Woods' charming dogfighting hobby.

There's really enough in this article to just cut and paste the whole damn thing, and you'd never be bored. Randolph is accused of striking the man in the chest, telling the guy that he would get "handled," and telling him later, "Where I come from we don't fuck with snitches." Woods is accused of beating the man outside of Roseland Theater in 2004, with (naturally) Randolph standing nearby shouting, "Get him, dog. Get him." I guess you hear that a lot when you hang out with Qyntel Woods.


And there's more. It all revolves around a group of people associated with Randolph that call themselves "Hoop Family," that, you know... don't sound like the greatest guys in the world. Oh, and Randolph and/or the Hoop Family isn't officially accused of it, but Bacote's car was also shot up. Bacote's gone through hell, evidently, but the stray dogs of the greater Portland area are very appreciative.

The picture, by the way, was the best screen cap I could get of Zach Randolph showing off a picture he has of him meeting Nelson Mandela. Whatever Mandela told him... it just didn't sink in.

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