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It's A Whole New NFL (Or At Least A New Art Department)

I hope you like change, because the NFL sure does. The Lamar Hunt and George Halas trophies have been redesigned — some would say emasculated — but that's far from the only new look we find scary and different.


The playoff logos have been redone in the spirit of the new trophies. So now you'll be reminded that your conference champion's big haul is a crystal football that looks like it just blew off the tee.

Actually, the new conference logos are the most disturbing to me since they're the ones I see with some regularity. Three stars become four, representing the four divisions. And the A gets to keep its stars inside. Did the N put on weight?


Well, now they're just redesigning logos for the sake of it. Also, who knew there was a minicamp logo? The new ones have been standardized, and all have a shield background, which makes me think of superheroes. So that's good, I guess.


Apparently every Super Bowl from here on out with have the same national logo, and the city hosting it will get a variation with its own stadium. Meh. It's nice for regional pride, but do we really need another way for Jerry Jones to suck his own dick?

(Images via Uni Watch)

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