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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's Alright To Cry, Seattle

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As you most likely know by now, Mike Hargrove shocked the Mariners on Sunday by announcing his resignation before his team's 2-1 win over the Blue Jays, eliciting tears from, among others, Jose Guillen. But it's OK, Mariners' fans; let it all out. As Rosey Grier taught us in the classic Sesame Street-produced film Free to Be, You and Me, it's alright to cry. Because, "Crying takes the sad out of you." Think of Hargrove's departure not as an end, but as "a journey into the endless possibilities of life; an opportunity for growth and change."


The Mariners sent Grover into the ether on the crest of an eight-game winning streak. Still no viable theories on the real reason that Hargrove is calling it quits, although there have been a couple of half-hearted attempts to claim that he was forced out by the front office. "Definitely a weird day. Strange. Sad," Raul Ibanez said. "I've never been through something like that." Guillen hit a tying homer in the eighth and a game-ending single off third baseman Troy Glaus' glove in the ninth. Jeff Weaver got the win. Thanks to A League of Her Own for reminding us of that Rosie Grier gem, by the way.


Well, The Lizard Does Draw A Lot Of Walks. Surviving Grady presents its list of people they'd rather see at the plate with a game on the line instead of Julio Lugo; among the choices are Art Garfunkle, the late Ivan Calderon and a lizard. And among those added in the comments section are Edgar Renteria, and "a magic potato." People, if you're not going to take the list seriously, why bother? I mean, Edgar Renteria? The Red Sox lost to the Rangers 2-1, on Sunday but you could hardly blame that on Lugo; he was out of the starting lineup for the third straight game. Kameron Loe won his fourth consecutive start, which should astound anyone who saw him pitch in April or May.

When Smurfs Attack. Big excitement in Chicago, as Jason Marquis gave up only four hits over seven innings to win for the first time in almost two months, giving the Cubs a 5-1 win over the Brewers. Chicago has won eight of nine and trail first-place Milwaukee by 6 1/2 in the Central. But never fear, Cubs fans will always find something to complain about.

Bonderman. Jeremy Bonderman. It's sweeps month for Jeremy Bonderman, who scattered six hits over eight innings with seven strikeouts to lead Detroit over the Twins 1-0. Bonderman (9-1) is among five AL players on the Internet ballot for the final roster spot on the All-Star team, with voting to take place this week.

Couldn't They Have Waited Until The All-Star Break? It's official: The Reds are on a pace to lose 100 games for the first time since 1982 (Rafael Landestoy! Clint Hurdle!), which is apparently too much for the front office to bear: Manager Jerry Narron was fired following an 11-7 loss to the Cardinals. Ryan Ludwick had two homers for St. Louis, which was helped by three Cincinnati errors. Oh, and No. 585 for Griffey, who is officially a starter in the outfield for the All-Star Game.

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