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Mike Hargrove's Fading Passion

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Ignoring Crash Davis's sage advice, "Never fuck with a winning streak," Mariners manager Mike Hargrove is stepping down. He's not really giving a reason, other than to say that "his passion has begun to fade." I just think he needs to hang out with David Ross more. That'll get the passion going.


The Mariners are just four games back of the Angels in the AL West, and 1 game behind Detroit in the wildcard race ... which makes the timing of this weird. Some are speculating that there's something wrong with his health, but Enjoy the Enjoyment heard on KOMO that Hargrove's decision is "not health-related." I won't believe this is true until I see that the prostate exams in the Mariners dugout are as thorough as the ones given in the Cubs dugout.

In other baseball news, Jeremy Guthrie's perfect game bid was broken up after three innings. Sorry, UM.

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