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How's this for an unlikely sentence fragment? "Chen won four consecutive starts for the first time in his career..."

It's almost unfair, isn't it? Chen, the unstoppable juggernaut, plowing through major league hitters as if they were little leaguers, and he's also a little leaguer, but one of those 6-foot-tall kids with a full mustache and you're sure he's at least 16 years old and it's not really right for him to be on the same diamond.


Chen put down the Blue Jays without much fuss, striking out nine for the first time in more than ten years. While no one was looking, he's actually been one of the most effective pitchers over the past month, taking out first place teams like Detroit and New York and causing Ozzie Guillen to go off on a profanity-filled rant about losing to "Bruce Fucking Chen." That's Bruce Fucking Chen, Sir, to you.

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