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It's DWOTY Votin' Time

You've marveled at the current race for the SHOTY, and thrilled to the excitement of the DHOF. But now it's time for the biggest contest of them all; and by that, I mean the smallest. Yes, it's time to vote for The Deadspin Word of the Year. After receiving sacks full of nominations, we've narrowed the field to 16 worthy hopefuls ... using three criteria: 1. The words most often suggested by commenters, 2. Words that are more or less unique to Deadspin, and 3. Words that are screamed at us in traffic.


Look 'em over and vote for one, and only one. Then we'll collect the top five vote-getters and have a runoff election next week. The winner will then be crowned in a lavish ceremony, with folding chairs and many varieties of luncheon meats. And finally we'll have a Deadspin Word of the Year!

Vote, Maria! Vote like the wind!

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Last Call For Deadspin Word Of The Year Nominations [Deadspin]

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