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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled SHOTY Elite Eight: Pac Man Jones Vs. Sean Salisbury

As we eye that looming upset, we look at our final Elite Eight matchup.


By the way, the first final four matchup with be posted Wednesday, the day after Christmas — yes, we're working — and the second final four matchup will be posted on New Years Eve. We're working then too.

No. 3 Seed Pac Man Jones
Introduced the phrase "Make It Rain" to a nation of grateful white people.
Scared his family.
Missed out on watching Vince Young play quarterback this season.
Didn't rassle, darnit.


No. 6 Seed Sean Salisbury
Displayed his photographic skills.
Accidentally said "Jew."
Met The Balls.
Established a Web presence.

So, who makes the Final Four?


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