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It's England Premier League Time!

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The sad, doe-eyed, holy-crap-mum's-gonna-kill-me-if-I-come-home-without-tickets look of this young boy can only mean one thing: The English Premier League is back! We're going to occasionally have our our man David Hirshey filing reports for us, but for now, it's just time to get, like, excited and stuff. Zidane might not be around to bash people, and David Beckham might be doing whatever it is David Beckham does, but, like most people, we had our EPL interest sparked by the World Cup. We actually know a ton of the players now. This could be the most American interest in the EPL that we can remember.

At least until the NFL starts, anyway.

Anyway, we look to the guys from That's On Point to lead us, with their big four-part preview. (Here's part One, Two, Three and Four.) Also, Deadly Musings and something called Wetnap and Monkeypaws has some good stuff too. The Mighty MJD will surely have updates for you this weekend, but yeah, let's see if we can get into this business right well this year.


Until the NFL starts.

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