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It's Morning In America!

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So, hey, good morning, everybody. What'd we miss?

We'll confess, we had one real requirement for our day off yesterday: To stay away from the computer. We spent enough time online as is, and we had a feeling that it might get a bit ugly around these parts. We thought it was best to keep our distance, for everyone's sake. We read through all Alex's posts this morning, and we know you guys gave him a hard time, but all told, we enjoyed his work: The guy's a good writer. We are nevertheless flattered to have been missed. We typically don't like to take days off — we only did this time because of the bet; considering we were talking about the Cardinals, we fully expected to be paying, rather than receiving — and we won't be taking off anymore for a while.


On the whole, we found the site — both the posts and the comments — immensely entertaining, though we'll confess some of the "gay" comments veered toward the unnecessary. But we're back now, back to normal, and ready to get to work. As a measure of good faith, and apologies for being gone, we're not going to mention the Cardinals once today.

We're happy to be back. Hi, everybody!

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