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It's Never Draymond Green's Fault

Warriors forward Draymond Green received a technical foul during Sunday’s game against the Cavaliers, his seventh of the season, and because he’s never really proven himself to be all that adept at self-control, he was asked what he needs to do to avoid further technicals by reporters yesterday.

You’ll be shocked to discover that Green’s answer was essentially, “Nothing at all.”


“Change my approach from what?” said Green. “I don’t know what other approach to take than walking toward the bench. Like, there’s no other approach to take than that. I’m going to continue to be the only person I know how to be. And that’s me. There’s a lot of guys who get home at night and they’re exhausted from acting all day.”

Green’s tech during Sunday’s game came early in the first quarter, and was the result of him making an ostentatious march toward the bench after being called for a foul he didn’t agree with:

Your opinion about this particular call—I don’t think Green should have been given a technical, but I also think it’s incredibly disingenuous to pretend like speed-walking to the bench like an angry toddler is not a method for showing up the ref—doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Green appears incapable of admitting anything is actually his fault, and so incapable of changing. All those flailing kicks that result in flagrant fouls and NBA Finals-shifting suspensions? That’s just his body’s natural motion! All the technical fouls that might soon result in a one-game suspension? That’s just Draymond being Draymond! Why can’t he stop acting like a cock? He’s too real, and he always will be!

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