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It's Never Too Early To Ruin A Kid's Enjoyment Of Sport

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Yesterday was college football's signing day, and as you've probably noticed by our coverage of that and similar recruiting stories, we're always kind of creeped out by a bunch of middle aged men watching teenagers in their underwear run sprints and lift weights. Maybe it's just us.

Anyway, if you were wondering the logical conclusion of all this, you can probably find it right here, which is a detailed scouting report on Ben Onett, a quarterback in New Hampshire. The site — which appears to have been set up by his family — lists his height and weight, his vertical leap, his 40 time and his vital statistics (nice completion percentage, actually). The goal is to get into a good school and show off a highlight video for potential recruiters.

Ben Onett is 13 years old and in the seventh grade. Quoth the site: "As an athlete, I was worried about preparing for the next game and my own performance. As a high school student I had thoughts of playing college ball with the notion "if I'm good... I'll be found". That concept still works, but sometimes it doesn't. This prompts an athlete to apply to school and try-out to be a walk on. If you could not afford a 4 year school you'd go apply for financial aid and play for a JC/CC somewhere and then get a scholarship after earning your way. It was a pretty simple equation to follow. There is a lot of value in working for your goal and learning the realization of your limits."


It is important, at the age of 13, to realize your limitations.

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