We find our man, Cedrick Barnes, in Florence, South Carolina. It seems Cedrick had some extra weed laying around and thought to himself, "I should really sell this stuff." So Cedrick did what any one of us would have: he started cold-calling everyone in his cell phone contacts to see if anyone wanted to buy a bunch of weed. What follows is a cautionary tale—namely, make sure all entries in your phone are properly identified before you try selling weed to everyone in your contacts—dramatized.

Cedrick Barnes: [gets to letter "Q," Steve Quick] Yo, Steve what's up? It's Cedrick. Barnes. Wanna buy some weed?
Steve Quick: Nah, I'm straight Ced. Good luck, though.
Cedrick: [hangs up, moves on to "R." Sees "Carlos Raines"] Carlos? sounds familiar. [calls]
Maj. Carlos Raines, Florence Police Department: [answers phone] Hello?
Cedrick: Carlos! What's up man, It's Cedrick.
Maj. Carlos Raines, Florence Police Department: Barnes?
Cedrick: You know it! Say, you want to buy some weed?
Maj. Carlos Raines, Florence Police Department: [sighs] Yeah. Sure.
Cedrick: [gets arrested for "one count each of possession of a controlled substance and possession of cocaine."]



Florence man arrested after drug deal with Florence Police [SCNow]