Much has been written about the new "zero tolerance" rule in the NBA, which allows referees to slap a technical on anybody who so much as sneezes in their general direction. Already, three players have been ejected because of the new rules, including Mike Bibby, Carmelo Anthony and, yes, Rasheed Wallace.

Ah, Sheed: As you'd probably expect, this new rule is going to require major changes to Rasheed's game, most notably the sudden need to wrap the entire bottom half of his head in duct tape. It's a new world out there for the guy.

And it's just not right, says Need4Sheed, which has started a petition to save Rasheed's game and get rid of the new rule. We'll confess, we like the new rule โ€” it's pretty difficult to find a fan who isn't exasperated by the constant on-court bitching and whining โ€” but we think maybe applying it unilaterally to Rasheed is just mean, bordering on perverse. We wouldn't ask Jason Kidd to stop blowing a kiss to his kid at the free-throw line, would we? (Though now that we mention it ...) The rule denies Rasheed his very nature; man, at his core, desires to be free, and he is now shackled ... broken. Free Sheed!

Save Sheed And NBA Petition [Need4Sheed]