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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's Scary Down There In Baton Rouge

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Last weekend, the genius that is Orson Swindle at Every Day Should Be Saturday attended the Florida-LSU game in Baton Rouge. We've never been to an SEC football game, but, man, do we want to now. We've never heard a better description of the madness of college football Saturday in the South than this:

That voodoo's real. When the "Four Corners Salute" gets cranking, it's like listening to a 747 made entirely of fired clay crashing into a field of shattered glass. Getting a snap off effectively is in itself a game ball-worthy achievement. Combined with the orgy going on outside the stadium for five miles in any direction, it's the gold standard for any other college gameday experience. Any of them. It is peerless in terms of demonstrated intensity, lunacy, commitment, flair, and menace. At several points in the day, we were convinced we were going to be killed, injected with creole butter, and thrown in a deep fryer...but only in the most festive and accommodating of ways, of course.


Heck, it's such a party ... Rick Reilly is showing up, in terrifying ways, apparently.

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