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It's So Cute When Newspapers Fight Over The Cubs

The Chicago Tribune hates the Chicago Sun-Times, and vice versa ... it's like Spy vs. Spy, only with the threat of layoffs. (For myself, it's hard to pick sides: One paper is owned by Sam Zell, the other employs Mariotti). This round goes to the Tribune, however, who secretly embedded an intern into the Sun-Times' video contest to save the Wrigley Field name, and won the whole thing. Boy was the Sun-Times mad when they found out.

The Chicago Sun-Times announced earlier today that Katie Hamilton, a 22-year-old college student, won its "Zell No" video contest. The newspaper says her entry "chastises [Tribune CEO Sam] Zell for pondering the sale of Wrigley Field's naming rights." What the paper didn't seem to realize was that Hamilton is an intern at the Chicago Tribune. Yes, that Tribune. The one that Zell owns.

The Tribune was doing quite a bit of crowing Wednesday night over their shenanigans, forgetting that they are still owned by Zell, who could convert the entire operation into a meat processing plant on the slightest whim.


Anyway, below is a submission I liked better. And I'm sure it would have won if the youngest kid's guitar had been plugged in.

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