I'll take this one Peyton. Week 17 belongs to Jim Sorgi. Not even Smokey Robinson's Miracles could be a more reliable backup. [Daily Snowman]

A noble Savage: Remembering Phil Savage. Maybe you could send him a nice email to say goodbye. [WFNY]

Duh: An "unnamed Jet" is not happy with his quarterback: "We're out there busting our butts and (Favre) is turning the ball over." It's Week 17. You're just now figuring this out? [NJ.com]

Awesome: The Patriots are done, so please, let's talk about the Red Sox some more. Yes sir, I just can't hear enough about them! [Inside the Monster]


The Bowl Bowl?: You thought the PapaJohns.com Bowl was a bad name? [Cecilio Guante]