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OK, it appears we are finally back. Boy, it's been a fun day to work for Gawker Media; it was extremely enjoyable to have people tell us what was happening on our site, since we couldn't see it and couldn't update it. Awesome. Anyway, to the AFC!

Hard to imagine anyone other than the ole' Patriots winning this one, but hey: Has Belichick been on the Sopranos? He has not. So there.

Some picks!

AJ Daulerio: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins.
Robert Weintraub, Slate: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins.
Matt Pitzer, USA Today: Jets, Patriots, Bills, Dolphins.
Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins.
Sports Illustrated: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins.
• DEADSPIN: Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins. We don't see a single way the Jets can duplicate what they did last year, even though, as has been mentioned a million times, they might be better. We have a hunch on those Bills, though.

As always, we know nothing.


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